Eternity Changers

November 11, 2015

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Parenthood is an eternity changer. Parents shape and teach their children in ways that literally change eternity. That
is a lofty thought. I heard that a few times before that truth began to sink in. We can raise children who are part
of eternity, or conversely, who are not. Our children, have children, who have children, who have children. They will
pass down what has resonated with and influenced them the most. Many traditions we impart will be passed down.
That creates multi-generational change into eternity. This is why one of my hearts passions is Titus 2. If we are not
modeling the commands of Titus 2, who will? Of course, it is not all in our hands. God does the ultimate work in
everyones lives and we are saved by His good grace. We certainly have a sobering responsibility to do our part in
teaching our children about Jesus(Ephesians 2:8-9).  For so long I had wrapped too much of my identity into my
former career. It’s quite easy to do considering the typical questions people ask upon meeting you. Asking what you do
is towards the very top of the list. Our culture places a lot of worth on our careers. I always longed to be a stay at home
mom. I fell, and sometimes still fall, into the place of feeling
like I wasn’t reaching some of my potential or ambition. I have felt like I wasn’t giving all that I could offer. Little did I
know that I just needed a shift in how I was
being used. I now have a better understanding of the high calling God has placed on my life in my “career.” What an
absolute privilege to work at a job with an eternal impact! I couldn’t ask for a better employer either. It’s a job that
while I fail daily, I should want to please my boss more than any other employer I could ever have. Unfortunately,
being a stay at home mom is not a job that is often glamorized by our culture.  I believe it should be. We can change
eternity. How much
more could we hope to attain?

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