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Quick DIY Wall Project

January 28, 2016



 DIY Quick Wall Project

This is FAR from perfect, but, it’s not terrible. I am not one of those super crafty super moms that make the cutest DIY Pinterest worthy projects! I am the want-to-be DIY mom who pins what those moms actually make. I heard a term that made me laugh and thought was so clever, it’s “perfection paralysis.” That’s not me either, demanding perfection is not what prevents me from creating beautiful things for our home. I’m more of the, if it turns out somewhat decent and fulfills it’s purpose, it works for me. My husband differs on this because he’s very creative and artistic. He’s a graphic designer so he can create beautiful things I could never dream of creating. He just works so hard to provide for our family that he doesn’t have much time for fun projects. So, I thought I’d take a stab at something for our bare bedroom wall. I even loaded up the kids and took a trip to Home Depot without him. Home Depot is a far cry from the comfort and joy I get from the all alluring Target. Oh how Target mesmerizes me! I know where everything is there and can navigate the aisles with ease. That smooth sailing comes to an immediate halt when I park at that huge store with all the orange. I look for the people wearing the orange aprons and see them as my saving grace to possibly check off all that’s on my list of non familiar items. Plywood has to be over somewhere in that lumber section, right? Where’s the sign for plywood? I left the store with delight knowing I got everything on my list in one trip. Alright, now I might get somewhere.

I pretty much followed the instructions from this site,   http://www.makinghomebase.com/diy-oversized-wall-art/. (Side note, I do hope to someday learn how to do those fancy back link or hyperlink(?) things where you just click on a word like “here,” and go directly to the link without me inserting a big, long link. Today isn’t that day.) I got the spray paint like she said to get even though her picture showed something different. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t end up with drip marks. I think the spray paint must be a good brand to get. I chose Rose Gold as my color of spray paint. I was worried that it might not be enough of a contrast, but, it worked. The stain she recommended was a nice color. I have plenty left to do several more projects. The friendly man at Home Depot cut the plywood in thirds for me, so, I have 2 more pieces waiting for me. I knew I wouldn’t need 3 for our wall. Having extra pieces in case the first turned out horrible was like having a (needed) security blanket for me. The first one came out decent enough for me to feel ok having it on the wall. It’s our bedroom, not the living room everyone sees all the time. My next one will have less angled and more straight lines to make the taping easier. Hopefully, it will be more symmetrical on round 2. Art isn’t supposed to be perfect, right? Actually even calling it “art,” is quite a stretch for me. It’s just my “little wall project.” The woman on the other blog can rightfully call it “wall art.” I like that it’s budget friendly and I was able to get it completely done during one nap. Have I ever told you that my kids are not those glorious sounding 2 hour nappers? I guess it’s not fair to say I got it 100% done. My husband put on the D Hangers and hung it on the wall. It’s kind of fun to learn a new term too, D Hangers. Who would have thought I’d know what that is? Not me. To complete the other 2 boards I have, I will just need to get more spray paint. Other than that I got everything for around $30. Three pieces for our walls for $30-40(with extra spray paint) sits well with me! Anybody else have any quick, inexpensive, novice level, DIY projects? My ears are wide open and waiting!

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  • Reply Lona January 29, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    I LOVE your wall hanging. And if that’s not art, I don’t know what is : ).

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