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Magic Glasses

May 26, 2016

Today I took my children to the local library for preschool play and story time. They read Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses to the kids. I had my two kids and there were another 30+ kids so I didn’t get to listen to every word, but, I’ll can tell you the gist of it. The cat was having a grumpy sort of day, seeing the negative in everything. Then, Pete the cat gets his magic glasses and everything changes. He becomes an optimist and spreads his cheer to other animal friends along the way. This made me think about what we have available in Jesus. We have those “magic glasses,” in Him. It doesn’t always, or often, feel like it’s as easy as it might be to just put on a pair of glasses but, we have something so much greater. Jesus can change us. He is mighty. He can change our outlook, our attitude, our heart . . . If we let Him. That’s the hard part for me. I’m just always getting in my own way. Am I alone in that?

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Tinkering Around

May 3, 2016

ladder living ladder kids ladder hall ladder frames ladder upcycle


Okay, so, I’ve been getting my hands on a few projects lately. It’s fun to tinker around a bit and to try to channel some artsy fartsy into my life. Upcycle sort of pieces have started to arise from our garage. My poor husband, you should see our garage. I shut it as quickly as possible so my neighbors don’t think we are hoarders or something. If I can get some free or inexpensive furniture type stuff on Craigslist while only needing a few things from Home Depot, why not? Right? It’s kind of fun . . .  most of the time anyhow. I’m 100% the no nonsense, novice type of DIY-er. If it’s too involved, I quickly say to myself, “not going to happen.” I’m nothing like my cousin at! She’s Aaaa-mazing! Her talent has me in awe! Seriously guys, she could turn DIY or interior decorating into a full time career. She could be on one of those decorating tv shows. Back to the beginner though. . . That’s me.

I picked up a free ladder courtesy of a craigslist posting. All I did was  sand and stain it. Remember the no nonsense part? ? I’ve thought of several ways to use it. I’m not sure what I like the best yet.  What do you think? It could be used in the kids room to hold blankets and little things. The living room for throw blankets and such. It could be used in the bedroom for scarves, belts and those sort of accessories. It could be hung on the wall, probably horizontally. That creates a shelf, as a way to highlight pictures or knick knacks for a gallery wall or just to be an extra frame piece to add pizazz to framed pictures. The picture with the frames in it takes a little imagination to think about what nice, matching frames and pictures would look like floating in the negative space of the ladder. So, what’s your vote? I’d love to hear!