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To the New Mamas

September 11, 2016


Becoming, especially, a first time parent of a newborn, has a way of highlighting fears & insecurities you didn’t even know existed. I want people to be more honest & for moms to never feel alone when they question their ability to be a mother. I know I had moments, with our first, where I wondered if my lifelong desire to be a mom might have been misplaced. At times, I wondered if I really knew what I was doing or had what it takes. I don’t believe that anything can properly prepare you for the reality of having a newborn. I remember, so many times, thinking, “why didn’t anybody tell me this?” I felt almost slided that there was so much to pregnancy, birth, recovery, breastfeeding & sleep training that wasn’t more commonly spoke of. You just can’t fully understand the degree of challenges you’ll encounter until you are there. On the other hand, you cannot comprehend the inexplicable joy & love this bundle will bring to your life. The smilies, the thoughts, the prayers, the tears to your eyes from a new, pure love are innumerable. The awe that you have just staring at them. It’s an incredible opportunity to depend on Jesus. If you do it without Him, you’ll immediately feel like you are lacking. I can’t fully explain how miraculous & special newborns are. What they do to you, is change you. They add to your identity. They help you see life in a completely new way that almost makes you feel like a child again. You are learning & experiencing so many things for the first time, along with them. Remember grace dear mama, grace for yourself. Grace for you and your husband as you navigate these new waters. God gave you your specific child to be yours. Don’t be alone, reach out. I believe God wants parenthood to give you a greater depth of community. There are plenty of woman who have been where you are & so many willing, even hoping, to be there beside you. I know I love reminiscing about the newborn days.

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