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In An Instant

June 8, 2016

Are you one of those people who leap out of bed ready & excited to start the day, AKA a morning person? I am not . . .  In the slightest. I’m pretty sure my morning stink eye displays this all too well. Having 2 young children who like to get up between 5:45-6:15am, I am now up early. Before kids, my idea of a pleasant time for rising, on a Saturday,  would be 10am. This morning I was still laying in bed trying to get my son to stay a few more minutes before my feet had to hit the ground. Our daughter had already been in our room and then went out to the living room to play, or so I thought. Our son was just in the last few seconds of me staying horizontal when our daughter comes in and says, the very dreaded, “I went poo poo & pee pee in the living room.”  A look of terror sweeps my face & my heart rate jumps up several beats. I think I even started to get a light sweat going on. Um, there’s no potty in the living room. I say, “what do you mean?” She just says that wretched statement again & I know I’m in trouble. I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet. I haven’t washed my face either & I most definitely have not had my tea. Low and behold, she has gone on the floor, in the living room. Good morning mama!  I was traumatized for almost an hour. I truly couldn’t believe she went on the floor. What can ya do? There’s breakfast to be made, teeth to brush and a husband to get lunch made for work. Lucky me, the hubby was home & took the first half of clean up duty!

The morning improved dramatically & I had an instant heart change. I was in the bathroom & the kids were laying in our bed. I hear the absolute sweetest exchange going on between them. Y’all, my heart was mush. I was so proud of our daughter I could hardly stand it! She was praying with her little brother. She thanked Jesus for him(yes, for her brother. My heart turned to putty.), toys, animals, food, etc. She prayed for her dad and I. What a sweet, tender heart she has. Our son was shaking his head, in agreement, with each thing she prayed for. They are three & a half and one & a half. Oh my, so cute. Proud mommy moment was in full effect. Her little voice was enough to cause me to thank Jesus, simply for the gift of her, but wow, the prayer. The prayer, y’all! That was my, “in an instant.” In an instant my mind was no longer thinking about poop & pee. What’s a little(ok, a lot) of poo poo & pee pee when that happens?! Thank you, Jesus! All we could do was thank Him.

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Magic Glasses

May 26, 2016

Today I took my children to the local library for preschool play and story time. They read Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses to the kids. I had my two kids and there were another 30+ kids so I didn’t get to listen to every word, but, I’ll can tell you the gist of it. The cat was having a grumpy sort of day, seeing the negative in everything. Then, Pete the cat gets his magic glasses and everything changes. He becomes an optimist and spreads his cheer to other animal friends along the way. This made me think about what we have available in Jesus. We have those “magic glasses,” in Him. It doesn’t always, or often, feel like it’s as easy as it might be to just put on a pair of glasses but, we have something so much greater. Jesus can change us. He is mighty. He can change our outlook, our attitude, our heart . . . If we let Him. That’s the hard part for me. I’m just always getting in my own way. Am I alone in that?